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License key IsoMatch GEODRIVE to continuous full functionality of the application IsoMatch GEODRIVE. For more information: See Product description.

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Product description:
IsoMatch GEODRIVE can be used on the Kverneland Group IsoMatch Tellus PRO terminal, set to the latest standards and software.
This additional  licence key to activate the software module is another step forward in the innovation of ISOBUS Virtual Terminals and fulfill your future needs in terms of easy, smart and efficient farming.

The fact of knowing where you are and in which direction you head makes a wide variety of control functions possible, that enhance the efficiency and accuracy of operations.
In combination with the GPS, the IsoMatch GEODRIVE automatically controls the direction and movement of the tractor, freeing the operator for other tasks.

IsoMatch GEODRIVE license key provides the following functionalities:
Automatic guidance
IsoMatch GEODRIVE enables automatic guidance.
Functionalities are:
-          Following a straight guidance line autiomatically
-          Following a curved guidance line autiomatically
-          Forward driving speed has to be above 0.5 km/h
-          Manual disengage by turning the steering wheel possible
-          Automatic disengage when tractor comes to full stop

A GPS system with RTK accuracy is recommended for IsoMatch GEODRIVE.
The subscription for the RTK correction signalis not included in this license key IsoMatch GEODRIVE.
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