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License key to activate SpotSpray functionality for automatically opening and closing the sections based on the requested application rate (threshold value)

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Product description:
SpotSpray license key provides the following functionalities:
  • The SpotSpray functionality is automatically also opening & closing the sections, based on the application rate value (threshold value)
  • On top of the single VRA also the individual sections can be controlled based on the VRA value of that section
  • The maximum number of VRA sections depend the available rate sections on the terminal and/or on the machine. Opening and closing central sections (5 to 11), max 15 iXflow-air or up to 24 rate sections with iXflow-e)
  • In case the rate value is lower than the threshold the section will close to save on spray liquid and prevent spoilage or overdosing, and open again when the rate is higher than the threshold
  • There is always 1 (average) rate over the active sections, where then the SpotSpray is controlling the correct opening & closing of the sections, based on the area’s in the field map.
  • Those areas can be quite big and therefore provide a huge and quick saving potential & benefit
Benefits for the farmer:
  • Possibility to target specific field areas by:
    • attacking individual weed spots and treat them with localized doze of herbicide
    • reducing the costs when applying the desired rate only at the right place 
  • Environmental benefit - only apply product where needed 
  • Increase capacity - spray more ha or fields with 1 tank fill 
  • When using a prescription map you always know upfront how much product to fill in the sprayer
Spotspraying licence can be used on your Kverneland Group ISOBUS sprayer with iXspray software. 
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