(Product number: MT00002029)

License key SPRAYERcontrol to continuous full functionality of the application SPRAYERcontrol with your sprayer. For more information: See Product description.

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Product description:
SPRAYERcontrol license key can be used on your Kverneland Group ISOBUS Vicon and Kverneland Sprayer, set to the latest standards and software.
This additional  licence key to activate the software module is another step forward for your intelligent sprayer to save cost and optimum control of  your field.
To get full operation with the IsoMatch Terminal you need also the IsoMatch GEOCONTROL license key.
SPRAYERcontrol license key provides the following functionalities:
A license key for SPRAYERcontrol in combination with the license key IsoMatch GEOCONTROL and GPS will enable you to really experience the advantage of precise and easy operations.
It will help you save on crop protection chemicals because your machine knows exactly when and where to stop or when to resume spraying.
It can control the automatic switch on/off at the headland or field boundary, making it easy and convenient on the headlands and always exactly in the right place. Unnecessary overlap is a thing of the past, which, in practice, leads to significant savings.
Functionality examples and benefits are:
-          Full control of overlap
-          Switching the various spray nozzle sections on and off depends on the position of machine
-          Chemical savings of 5% up to even 10% are possible
-          Location-specific registration
-          Location-specific application and export of sprayer data
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